Emergency Food Bank Referral

You can make a referral for yourself and any family member that you feel could benefit from our Food Bank Support services.

Please note:

  1. You must be a Birmingham City Council or Evesham resident and be legible for our National Lottery cost of living fund.
  2. Food bank collections are scheduled and assigned weekly throughout each month. (Primarily Saturdays)
  3. Please bring your own bags, as we do not provide them.
  4. It’s important to be aware that we do not provide delivery services. (Deliveries for the most vulnerable are authorised by AFCS management.)
  5. Our food bank services are strictly for pickup only.

Please be mindful that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we cannot guarantee approval for every application.

    Referrers Information

    Your Name

    Your Age

    Your Phone

    Your Email

    Your Address

    Your Ward/Area

    for example : Acocks Green, Handsworth, Tyseley & Hay Mills

    Your Postcode

    How many people are in your household?

    Your gender?

    Your ethnicity

    What benefits are you claiming?

    Employment status

    Would you class yourself as vulnerable?

    Please provide information on dietary requirements and if the person in question, or your self is as risk.

    Would you like to stay informed about not only AFCS Food Bank but also other services that could prove beneficial for you or the communities around you?

    Referral form

    We can offer you more in-depth help and support, please complete the referral form connected to the button below and our helpful team will be intouch

    Make a referral

    Support Resources

    If you are in need of immediate help and support, we have put together a list of local and national services that could help you.

    Crisis SupportYouth SupportFathers Support

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