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There are times when children and their families need some extra help

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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic

We support the BAME community and those most marginalised aiming to improve outcomes for individuals in particular BAME groups and/or impoverished community members who may have been exposed to poor experiences of mental health support and issues of intersectionality. 

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Knowing who to go to for advice on dealing with mental health issues or low mood, anxiety, stress and where you can get help.

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Counselling & Therapy Services

Let's let people know that it is ok to not be ok, having a friendly ear can make the world of difference if you or a family member need support why not get intouch with us

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Young People & Mentoring

Mentoring can help young people get on the right track, while also helping youth's as they go through challenging life transitions.

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Suicide Prevention & Intervention

AFCS advisers specialise in offering confidential advice, support and resources such as training packages and wellbeing workshops to help support front line workers on the subject of Suicide

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Connecting with BAME Communities

We are a community focused company, that connects and engages with "Hard To Reach" cultures

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Young People & Mentoring

We believe in giving young people a voice to express their concerns and solutions to some of the most common problems young people could be going through.

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Training & Workshops

A Father's Child Services CIC provides training, workshops and course that are relevant for individuals and companies wanting to upskill their knowledge and workforce skills.

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Training, Workshops and Courses

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Support Resources

If you are in need of imediate help and support, we have put together a list of local and national services that could help you.

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