All Age Autism (AAA) project

we are delighted to extend the following offerings

  1. Advocacy Services: We offer flexible weekly drop-in sessions, designed to accommodate your unique needs.
  2. Support for Individuals Diagnosed with Autism: Our program is tailored to provide assistance and guidance to those diagnosed with autism.
  3. Support for Individuals Experiencing Undiagnosed Symptoms: We are here to lend a helping hand to individuals grappling with undiagnosed symptoms.
  4. Support for Family Members and Friends Aiding Those Affected by Autism: We extend our support to family and friends who play a crucial role in the lives of individuals impacted by autism.
  5. Free Limited-Space Counseling Service:Please note that terms and conditions apply for this valuable service.
  6. Creative Arts Workshops: We encourage creative expression and exploration.
  7. Coding and Webpage Building: For those interested in web design and programming.

The Spectrum Creators (TSC)

Empowering Learners to Express today in a creative way. 

Program details

The Spectrum Creators program is produced for autistic and neuro divergent learners aged 7 to 12. The project will continue fortnightly, every other Monday. 
Half Term: Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November!
Start: 10am – 12pm
The Program Objectives

The week long program consists of five 2-hour workshops and is driven by daily learning objectives and home based activities, which nurture learners to develop social skills, performing skills and to grow in confidence.

The Team

The program is facilitated by a qualified teacher in Primary Education who specialises in creative arts alongside other music-producing and film professionals.

All practitioners obtain an up-to-date DBS to work safely with children.

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Adult MHFA – Refresher Course

Everyone who attends an Adult MHFA Refresher course will refresh their knowledge of:

  • Mental health and what influences it.
  • How to recognise the main signs of mental ill health.
  • How to provide initial help.
  • How to guide the person towards appropriate professional help.
  • How to be mindful of their own wellbeing.

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Support Resources

If you are in need of immediate help and support, we have put together a list of local and national services that could help you.

Crisis SupportYouth SupportFathers Support

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