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Hello, my name is Ramel Renae Malcolm.

I am an a Polymuse, Artist and Songwriter with over 8 years of experience in music production which is a true passion of mine.

My objective is to empower creatives in Birmingham, by improving the development of their talents and providing secure spaces for artists and musicians to collaborate, drawing inspiration and expressing their creative ethos.

I am deeply enthused about the talent within my hometown of Birmingham a city well known for its musical roots and I am committed to contributing to the growth of the often-overlooked raw talent.

The extensive knowledge and skills acquired on my journey encompass a unique, music-based problem-solving approach to tasks and projects—which, I believe is always beneficial in addressing any issues that may arise.

I am dedicated to collaborating with the diversity and creativity of people around me, one community at a time. I aspire to accomplish more within the music industry. This determination has led me to collaborate with organisations such as A Father’s Child Services CIC, where I am aiming to make a positive social impact on many communities, through the use of music and music production.

I have a Level 3 music technology diploma, aiding to my passion for live audio engineering which has evolved into a fulfilling career, which began by handling front-of-house live outdoor engineering for Birmingham Weekender and progressed to managing private studio spaces.

So if music connects with you, just like it does with me, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you.


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