Director of Adult Services

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Michelle Kelly

Position: Director of Adult services

Tel: 0121 389 4922

My background has been that of supporting friends and loved ones with Mental Health support needs over the years, so I felt it was necessary to gain some qualifications in a cause that I am so passionate about.

My History

My history is that I started my Counselling journey many years ago, I have a strong sense of people being Autonomous and I have been a Whistle blower supporting those most vulnerable when they have been at great risk.
During Covid-19, I found myself in this position again, with a lack of cultural competence playing heavily.

We lost a family Friend Michael Lloyd Powell who experienced poor mental health and needed support in 2003, this was the catalyst of a very emotional Journey for me and my family and led to his cousin Tippa Napthtali launching 4Wardever uk and eventually The National Family Fund to help support impacted families like Mikey’s.

Mikey died on 07th September 2003, and ever since I have supported Mikey’s and other affected families, around the ECHR Article 2 ‘The Right to Life’ in conjunction with bereaved families. I now sit on a community panel with Catalyst 4 Change CIC and our local mental health trust, supporting marginalised community members, to access the Mental health support and services that they need.

Those experience’s have led me to collaborate and work with many large organisations and institutions including West Midlands Police as a former member of the Mental Health Independent Advisory Group (IAG). I was tasked to provide input over a number of years advising how contact between the Police and those in Mental Health Crisis, should be as calm and communicative process as possible , including the input of their families.

I’ve supported the NHS programmed as a motivational speaker in conjunction with the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat in 2016, sharing my families Lived experience, to educate others about the impact of Mental Health.

While running my private practice since qualifying in 2015, I feel I have developed many skills, and I am now a Clinical Supervisor and proud to hold a BACP Accredited Counselling qualification and sit on their Professional Standards Register, also the accredited Register for Infant Loss.


As a Mental Health First Aid England Associate Trainer I deliver their Race Equality programme, and as a qualified Mental Health First Aid Trainer I deliver both the Adult & Youth full Programmes. Suicide First Aid understanding Intervention and lite products too, all underpinned with a Mental Health Nursing Qualification.

Whether you are a counsellor or not, I strongly advocate that all practitioners should have a basic level of Mental Health First Aid knowledge, especially when supporting vulnerable people as mental Health affects us all.

I also deliver workshops in the West Midlands to schools and academies around the controversial Stop & Search Power, implementing The Home Office’s ‘Best Use of Stop & Search‘ scheme. Also sitting as a member of the affiliated scrutiny panel for The West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioners office aiming to ensure the safe & Lawful implementation of the power.

My knowledge with Mental Health has been enhanced by my personal experiences and working for Springfield MIND, a national Mental Health charity providing supportive services out of GP Surgeries, delivering MH pathways for Stress, depression, Grief & Loss, Managing Anger, Self-esteem, Anxiety & Panic Attacks and others.

The Priory in a rehabilitation and recovery service for females with complex mental health needs, including schizophrenia, bipolar, eating disorders with some having co-morbid conditions such as mild learning disabilities, alcohol and drug use and borderline personality disorder. My Community engagement continues and I am currently taking a short break as a Childline volunteer where I work as a primary contact for children calling in a crisis.

I hope that if we can support you in some way, that you embrace the journey and use the experience to learn more about you.

Director of Youth Services

Hi there and thanks for visiting A Father’s Child Services CIC. My name is Rochâna Kelly and I specialise in working with Children.

I am Qualified in Child & Integrated Professional Services Bsc Hons Degree, which has been underpinned with Law. I am also a Licensed Outcomes Star Practitioner.

I have experience of working in Children’s Centres across Birmingham, Community Outreach and working with some of the most vulnerable children that have been or are being subjected to issues of Child Sexual Exploitation.

My experience ranges from working with children and families offering workshops, Therapeutic intervention to Children and Young people with support needs around behaviour/anger management, low mood, self esteem, self harm ideation and a range of support needs. My experience also includes areas of risk management and observations for those at high level risks of self-harm.

I have trained with and supported families that have faced Article 2 (HRA) Bereavements,  and strive to address the imbalance of Social Injustice while empowering people to exercise their Autonomy.

I hope that you choose A Father’s Child Community Services to support you on your journey, until then take care of you.

Director & Volunteer Co-ordinator

I’m Ava Clarke, a Director, Counsellor and Volunteer Co-Ordinator with A Father’s Child Services CIC.

Counsellor, MBACP


Sometimes life stresses can become overwhelming, and it seems as though there is no one to listen.

You may be anxious, or losing sleep due to worry, unresolved past experiences, grief or fear. Together we can work through whatever is holding you back, with me supporting you on your journey.

I offer a safe space for you to sort through your emotions, experiences, thoughts and feelings and together we can explore your goals and visions for your future. I am an integrative therapist, working from a humanistic approach, so I believe we can all reach our individual potential, and I will draw from different approaches to provide the support you need.

Everyone deserves a better tomorrow. Tell yourself that this is your moment, reach out and I will provide you with a non-judgemental listening ear, empathy and understanding.


Membership: British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy / Registered Member

  • Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum
  • Pregnancy/ Infant loss
  • Alcohol Use
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioural Issues
  • Bereavement
  • Coping Skills
  • Depression
  • Racial Identity
  • Self Esteem
  • Stress
  • Women’s Issues

Client Focus

Ethnicity: Black British

  • Elders (65+)
  • Adults
  • Racial Justice Allied
  • Single Mother

Treatment Approach

Types of Therapy
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Person-Centred
  • Individuals

Director of Finance

Hi my name is Dean Turner and I am a Father’s Child Services CIC Director of Finances.

My background has been varied and I started of providing supportive services as a carer many years ago, supporting and caring for primarily older people and also my mum when she became ill.

I am familiar with the challenges facing people that need support around their well-being, and the impact of being someone that provides that support.

Hi my name is Dean Turner and I am a Father’s Child Services CIC Director of Finances. My background has been varied and I started of providing supportive services as a carer many years ago, supporting and caring for primarily older people and also my mum when she became ill. I am familiar with the challenges facing people that need support around their well-being, and the impact of being someone that provides that support.

I am a qualified chef and patisserie and was part of the team to get the first Michelin Star at Billesley Manor in 1986, so I know a little something about good quality and service.
I have been the Assistant Manager for Meg Rivers Artisan Bakery for a number of years providing products to businesses such as Moon pig, Selfridges, Harrods and many more. I am hoping to be able to share my knowledge and experience to add value to A Father’s Child Services CIC so that we can build on community relations and provide effective and supportive services to our community.

Director of Sports & Well being

Hi my name is Levi Manning-McLeod and my role here at AFCS Is considering the Health & Well-Being of the people that we support. I am a qualified personal trainer and a fully Licensed SIA Supervisor.

I have a keen interest in working with nutrition and fitness to help improve physical well-being, and implement this through workshops and bespoke programmes for individuals and groups.

I am also a mentor here at AFCS CIC, and use fitness incorporated with the programmes we deliver, to enhance the quality of life, in particular the physical health for the people that we support. Often once you get the momentum it is a lot easier for other things to fall into place.

Creative Arts Co-ordinator

Hello and welcome to A Father’s Child Services CIC.

My name is Ilana Taylor and I am the organisations Creative Arts Co-Ordinator, I have many artist passions which include writing music, dancing, Vlogging and having completed my Degree in Creative Arts: Drama, Theatre and Applied Performance BA (Hons) have been part of many creative projects.

My experience has included my attendance at BOA (British Ormiston Academy), where I was able to perform as part of the cast on a number of projects including, The Production ‘Road‘ written by Jim Cartwright.
My credits also include my written degree piece, ‘Heru‘ for which I received a distinction and a written verbal acknowledgement for my work by the external examiner.

Also Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ and projects with artists such as Ashley Walters and Tom Hardy. I was also part of the team that provided a televised performance in Birmingham for the handover of the Commonwealth games in 2018.

I have almost completed my teaching qualification, where I have developed a special interest in supporting the area of ‘SEND.’ I look forward to our new projects and workshops to help bring the community together.

By for now. Miss Ilana Taylor. (aka MIT)

Volunteer Counsellor

Hi I am Karan Gumbs (She/Her/Hers), a Volunteer Counsellor at A Father’s Child Services.

As an integrative counsellor I provide a safe, warm supportive space, for you to discuss your concerns feelings and perspective on your situation.  I believe everyone can make positive changes in their life and my aim is to provide a warm empathetic environment where you feel listened to and heard. My Integrative approach will incorporate a variety of skills and tools that will assist you to develop your coping mechanisms, to manage things more effectively and make positive changes.

As well as being a trained counsellor, I am a qualified social worker and have over 25yrs in adult social care working with older adults, people with learning and physical disabilities. I have worked in a variety of settings including residential, day care and in the community. 
I currently work as a Practice Educator supporting newly qualified social workers in their first year in practice.

Why not get in touch and see how we could support you and your family.

Volunteer Counsellor

Hello, my name is Morium. I am a volunteer counsellor at A Father’s Child Services, and I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Counselling at Birmingham City University.

A little bit about me: you can often find me cozying up with a book or taking a peaceful nature walk. I love spending time alone; I find real comfort in my own presence and downtime. Being active is also an essential aspect of my life as it provides tranquillity to my mind and soul, allowing time for reflection.

If you have been considering whether counselling might be the right choice for you, or have any questions. I eagerly look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Image of Morium AFCS CIC

Tanneyshia Murray Volunteer

Hi my name is Tanneyshia (Ta-nee-sha), a volunteer counsellor at A Fathers Child Services CIC and am undertaking a Bsc in psychology and counselling. 

About me: I love being in nature and exploring the world when I can! My guilty pleasure is singing and dancing to all kinds of music and pretending I’m on stage.

I offer a warm, safe space for you to talk about and explore your thoughts and feelings. Whatever is bothering you, I am here with an empathic ear to support you on your journey to wellbeing. 


Creative Volunteer

Hello, my name is Ramel Renae Malcolm.

I am an a Polymuse, Artist and Songwriter with over 8 years of experience in music production which is a true passion of mine.

My objective is to empower creatives in Birmingham, by improving the development of their talents and providing secure spaces for artists and musicians to collaborate, drawing inspiration and expressing their creative ethos.

I am deeply enthused about the talent within my hometown of Birmingham a city well known for its musical roots and I am committed to contributing to the growth of the often-overlooked raw talent.

The extensive knowledge and skills acquired on my journey encompass a unique, music-based problem-solving approach to tasks and projects—which, I believe is always beneficial in addressing any issues that may arise.

I am dedicated to collaborating with the diversity and creativity of people around me, one community at a time. I aspire to accomplish more within the music industry. This determination has led me to collaborate with organisations such as A Father’s Child Services CIC, where I am aiming to make a positive social impact on many communities, through the use of music and music production.

I have a Level 3 music technology diploma, aiding to my passion for live audio engineering which has evolved into a fulfilling career, which began by handling front-of-house live outdoor engineering for Birmingham Weekender and progressed to managing private studio spaces.

So if music connects with you, just like it does with me, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you.


Ramel Profile Image

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