The Nubian Team (TNT) – Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

28th October 2022 // 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm // Online and in person

Ladies, it’s time to make a difference join The Nubian Team (TNT) as we take you on a journey of self discovery with our first group designed for woman!

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Join our ‘Nubian Team’ to get on top of topics that affect us but are normally avoided.

Hot Topic for 28th October 2022‘Can Women fulfil the role where absent males leave a void for our children?’

Let’s speak the unspoken and stand firm in who we are and what we do! Our organisational Project to breakdown the narrative of mental health is called RESPECT which stands for: Respecting, Every, Single, Perspective/Person’s, Emotional, Challenge, Together.

We hope that embodying RESPECT we can make this Podcast/Group a safe space to be genuine, to cry, to hurt, to deal with shame and all the things that life throws at us, including the ‘Inequalities’ that impact women.

Our Women’s group is launching thanks to the support of Heart Of England that have funded the project. It will consists of three strands:

  1. Quarterly online podcast
  2. Face to face workshops
  3. Community events, so ‘Watch this space‘ for future updates!

We will have ‘Well Women Packs’ as guest give aways in our online competitions and face to face groups.

Sadly , Black women we are 4 times more likely to die in pregnancy or giving birth than our white counterparts.(BBC, 2022)

45% of Black women working in white-collar jobs in the UK believe they will be overlooked for promotion despite having equal competence as a non-Black female colleague. (Black Women In The UK Workplace Online)

All of these intersectionalities will have an impact on our Mental Health.

We will discuss the issues that raise the uncomfortableness, while facilitating a safe space that we can Support and Empower each other. Most importantly RESPECT each other. Respecting, Every, Single, Perspective/Person’s, Emotional, Challenge, Together.

AFCS CIC (The Nubian Team)

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Heart of England, Umbrella, Catalyst 4 Change, Got Da Juice

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