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Hello and welcome to A Father’s Child Services CIC.

My name is Ilana Taylor and I am the organisations Creative Arts Co-Ordinator, I have many artist passions which include writing music, dancing, Vlogging and having completed my Degree in Creative Arts: Drama, Theatre and Applied Performance BA (Hons) have been part of many creative projects.

My experience has included my attendance at BOA (British Ormiston Academy), where I was able to perform as part of the cast on a number of projects including, The Production ‘Road‘ written by Jim Cartwright.
My credits also include my written degree piece, ‘Heru‘ for which I received a distinction and a written verbal acknowledgement for my work by the external examiner.

Also Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ and projects with artists such as Ashley Walters and Tom Hardy. I was also part of the team that provided a televised performance in Birmingham for the handover of the Commonwealth games in 2018.

I have almost completed my teaching qualification, where I have developed a special interest in supporting the area of ‘SEND.’ I look forward to our new projects and workshops to help bring the community together.

By for now. Miss Ilana Taylor. (aka MIT)

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